2016 Libby’s Dually Course


2016 Libby’s Dually Course

The 2016 Libby’s Dually course had been set. It is 2.9 miles/lap, only slightly longer than last year but it is a lot more challenging. Last years lap times were running 14 minutes and this years lap takes about 21 minutes. The course consists of more singletrack than last year including Ghost, Lynx & Harold Libby intermixed with wide trails for passing. This year’s course runs counterclockwise:


The race class will complete 4 laps of the bike loop and the sport class will complete 2. Both classes will complete a single loop on the same run course as last year. Repeat: THERE WILL BE NO MORE RUNNING THAN LAST YEAR.(About 1 mile)

So, get off the fence and sign up now! The event is in less than 2 weeks!