February 17, 2012 Trail Update


February 17, 2012 Trail Update

Despite declining trail conditions due to a lack of snow, the mid-winter weather has been spring-like with the often sunny and mild days.  The ski trails at Libby Hill are in fair conditions for classic skiing on the current non-groomed trails.  Most of the trails contain up to a few inches of loose packed snow and some slick icy spots. Still experienced skiers can enjoy some fun exercise while we wait for another snowfall.  The narrow trail conditions vary with snow, ice, slush, and bare spots so snowshoeing is not a good option however trail running and walking are good as long as the user has treaded shoes or boots to wear on the trails.

I enjoyed a 45 minute run  on the narrow trails this morning.   Regardless of the conditions, Libby Hill Hill is the place to escape to for some peace, beautiful scenery, and some fun exercise!

Happy Trails!