Introducing Libby’s Dually


Introducing Libby’s Dually

Libby Hill’s first Duathlon will consist of a 1/4 mile Le Mans style start to break up the field followed by a 6 mile (2 loop) mountain bike ride and then a 1-3/4 mile run to the finish, all on dirt. The terrain is a mix of wide trails that are great for passing and some sections of single track all with enough elevation gain to make it a challenge. Bring your mountain bike, bring your fat bike you could do it on a cross bike (I wouldn’t) but leave your road bike home.

Course Map: Coming Soon. MTB sections will be on Lynx, some Harold Libby & Moose Odyssey. Running will be on Turkey Trot, around the school, Lower Lynx and back down Moose Odyssey. The transition area will be in the upper field behind the middle school.

We’ll have some seasonally appropriate food at the end and have you home by mid afternoon. Come out and have some fun before winter sets in. There will be no points of any kind awarded for this race, it’s just for fun.  Awards will be given out for the top male and female finishers.

As always, all proceeds will fund the trail system.

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