Middle School Race – Skate


Middle School Race – Skate

Libby Hill will be hosting this Middle School Nordic race and would like people to refrain from using the ski trails (Middle School Field, Turkey Trot, Moose Odyssey, Deer Run & Holmquist Hollow) on the day of the races because of the race preparation, race and post race work that will be involved in preparing the course.

February 9th
Friday – HS – Western Maine Triple C – Classic
(This race will have over 200 racers and is a very important event for
the schools competing, racers and our trail workers)
February 15th
Thursday – Middle School Race – Skate

Please feel free to use the Lynx, Ghost, Harold Libby and Outback walking and snowshoe trails.

Note: Please be respectful of our trail requests not to walk or snowshoe on the ski trails noted above any time during the ski season.  Several volunteers spend many hours taking care of this resource all year long for a 3 month ski season and when people walk or snowshoe on the trails it requires additional time and effort to clean up the tracks that potentially could cause harm to skiers. We have purposefully established trails to accommodate the mixed usage of the area and would appreciate your cooperation in making this a great spot for all to enjoy.