Storm Takes a Toll on Trails

Dec 19, 2023 -For the second Christmas season in a row, a major rain and windstorm has downed trees and branches on Libby Hill and Thayer Brook Preserve. Volunteers were out today starting cleanup and assessing damage. All trails have small and medium branches that came down in the wind. You can help by removing any small materials you find. Several trees blocking trails have already been addressed. Mo Russo and his crew will be out for the next few days continuing to tackle larger trees. There is a large pine tree that split out on the outback (see photo) that has blocked the trail. While it may appear you can walk under this tree please don’t! Walk around any downed trees that may still pose a falling hazard. Also be cautious of Thayer Brook which is in flood stage and has strong currents. All bridges are in good condition. Cleanup may take a couple of weeks before all issues are addressed. Also note that trails are thawed and very soft, please avoid any activities that leave ruts or deep tracks. Thanks for your cooperation!

Warm weather has deteriorated the ski trails. We need a foot or more of snow to get the ski trails groomed.