Winter Trail Rules Change After Grooming Begins


Winter Trail Rules Change After Grooming Begins

Groomed ski trails require hours of work that can all be quickly erased by a careless hiker, snowshoer, or even a dog who undo the smooth grooming needed by skiers.  To accomodate both users at Libby Hill, we split our trails into two types.  The wide trails are groomed for skiers.  This includes Turkey Trot, Moose Odyssey, Deer Run, and Holmquist Hollow.

Trails open to hikers, dogs, snowshoers, and walkers are Lynx, Harold Libbey, Outback, Ghost (partial), and Old Libby Hill Road.

Shared Trail – A short section of the Moose Odyssey trail shared with the Lynx trail is open to all users.  Non skiers should stay single file on far side of this trail.

New Winter Trail – A winter only snowshoe and hiking trail is available during the winter months. This trail connects the Harold Libbey to the section of the Ghost Trail.  Adding this section gives trail users a new loop option when heading out in the back country.  Watch for the green survey tape which marks the trail.

Trail Closure – The section of the Ghost Trail between Old Libby Hill Road  and Moose Odyssey is posted as closed after grooming begins.  Trail users should return back to the Lynx trail or use the new Winter Trail and avoid the groomed trails beyond Old Libby Hill Road.

We will be getting your feedback on trail rules this winter on Facebook.  Don’t miss our survey which will be posted there in January!