2022 Site Development

Meeting Notes

  • Key content = Trail Maps
  • Consider possible need for fundraising feature, possibly in concert with Facebook fundraising [more info forthcoming?]
  • Add a FAQs page? Possible accordion? [imported from 2017 site and updated; done]
  • Clean Nav at top with “float” feature [done]
  • Relevant page background image similar to RRCT [this concept used in feature block templates, but not sitewide]
  • Not too much content/scrolling on each page
  • Balance images with white space to provide a more “open” & clean visual appearance [in progress]
  • Feature image blocks on home page that link to featured content, similar to what is done on Libby Hill site. [samples in place; need direction on what to feature in this area and images that should be included for each featured link.]
  • Include Google Analytics on dashboard; is there a way to capture data on what is searched for with the site search box?
  • See the Portland Trails site for inspiration.
  • Support Facebook feed embed? Lots of interaction on the page.


The Ona theme has been installed for the new Libby Hill site. Key factors leading to its selection included the “open” look/feel as well as the fundamental inclusion of the new WordPress block editing tools and especially the functionality to “edit site” as well as pages and posts.

Editing the home page, site header, or site footer are initiated with the EDIT SITE link in the top admin navigation bar.


From FLC Site, consider the following:

  • Enable Media Replace [installed and updated to its newest iteration]
  • Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Google XML SiteMaps
  • Post Expirator
  • Slider Revolution [not added; may not be needed due to flexibility of block templates]

Libby Hill Trails continues to be closed. Lots of trail work has made progress but wet conditions and chipping needs may delay opening until after April 30th.