Pet Policy

The Libby Hill reviews pet complaints and existing pet policies at Libby Hill.  Increasing popularity of the trails makes it critical that trail users including pets respect the rights of others safety and ability to use the trails.

Pets must be always leashed and under complete control of owners.  Pet waste needs to removed from the trails immediately and ideally removed from the property.  Pets are not allowed to chase trail users, wildlife, or damage plants. Owners who fail to comply will be asked to remove their pet from Libby Hill.  Pets are not allowed on any school ball fields.

Horse Policy

Horses are restricted to ATV/Snowmobile Trails, Moose Odyssey, and Deer Run.  Horses may only go on these trails between June 1st and November 1st.  Horses may not go on trails if conditions are wet or if there is a risk of rutting or eroding of trails.  Horse owners should make efforts to remove horse manure from trails in a reasonable period to prevent excess accumulation of horse waste.   Thanks to our regular horse trail users who have done biweekly patrols to clean horse trails in the summer!

More trail rules and frequently asked questions are available at our FAQ page.

Libby Hill Trails continues to be closed. Lots of trail work has made progress but wet conditions and chipping needs may delay opening until after April 30th.