Support Libby Hill Forest Trails

There are things that last one day, one night, or a season.

In contrast, a contribution Libby Hill Forest Trails helps you invest in a lifetime of fun and memories on Libby Hill; for you, for your children, and the generations to come. Donations for Libby Hill are managed by the Gray Community Endowment and you’ll see options for donating below.

Gray Community Endowment
Libby Hill Trails
PO Box 1376
Gray, ME 04039

Donate at the Trails
Donation post by parking lot kiosk

Use our donation post at the parking lot kiosk.

Dedicated Mountain Bike Trail are now open. Partial open trails are Lynx, Harold Libbey, and Moose Odyssey. Closed trails are Turkey Trot, Holmquist Hollow, Ghost. Fully Open are Outback and Deer Run, and Mountain Bike Trails.