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Public Works Fixes Drainage Issues

Many thanks to the Public Works crew who added gravel and a water bar cut at intersections of the ATV/Snowmobile trail and Moose Odessey trail. Mose Russo has also been busy removing trees dropped by the beavers at the pond by the middle school. Also, thanks to all who have been helping to remove the […]

Fiddlehead School Discovers Libby Hill!

The Fiddlehead Fourth Grade explored the history of Libby Hill by looking for artifacts at the old foundation and learning about how granite was quarried nearby to build the walls of the foundation. They then conquered the peak of Libby Hill and learned about the 400-Footer Club. They also really enjoyed examining blocks in the […]

Hike of Thayer Brook and Libby Hill Trails – Oct 29- 9 am

We are getting lots of questions on how to access the new Thayer Brook Preserve from Libby Hill Trails. You now have many options to do loop hikes that can be from two to five miles long. We have a suggested hike page that outlines a hiking route from either the high school or Ramsdell […]

Libby Hill: No Hunting Zone

Libby Hill Trails and Thayer Brook Preserve are located within the State of Maine Wildlife Sanctuary.  This is a large area that includes several square miles between the bypass connector road and Egypt Road.   Trail users can be comfortable that they won’t be at risk during hunting season on any of our trails.  We still […]

Avid Hikers Conquer Two Trail Systems

Six energetic hikers took a tour of both trail systems crossing between Libby Hill Trails and Thayer Brook Preserve today. The 4.5-mile hike showed the best wild and natural sides of both preserves. Everyone got to know each other over the 3-hour trek and scoped out future loop hikes that they can take on their […]

Excel Class Helps Restore Turkey Trot and Clean Snowmobile Trail

The GNG Excel Class helped restore the woods around Turkey Trot trail today and also did some trail trimming on the snowmobile trail behind the ballfield. Below is one of five shelter brush piles created several years ago and what it looked like after the cleanup. Because the wood was piled up it was unable […]

Help us with fall clean up by moving any branches or debris from trails.