Trail Summary

The summary below will introduce you to our trail system; please see the detailed description pages for maps, profiles, and additional information for each trail. Visit our Map & Directions page for directions to the trail head or open our Trail Map (PDF) for a detailed look at Libby Hill Forest Trails.

TrailLengthBlaze ColorElevation GainSki Trail RatingGroomed for SkiingAccess PointSummary
Deer Run0.3Yellow29 feet up, 57 feet downEasyYesTop of Libby Hill off Moose Odyssey TrailUse this trail to create loops to other trails, very level and easy to ski or walk. Many unmarked mountain bike trails are between this trail and Moose Odyssey.
Ghost Trail0.6Light Blue 151 feet up, 46 feet downBack Country Skiing onlyNoDeer Run, Moose Odyssey, or Harold Libbey TrailConnector trail that goes from top of hill to back country trails of Libby Hill. This trail is closed in winter beyond Old Libby Hill Road when ski trails are groomed.
Harold Libbey Trail1.3Dark Red174 feet up, 200 feet downBack Country Skiing onlyNo, back country skiing, mountain biking, or hiking onlyOff southern end of Moose Odyssey TrailThis hiking/mountain biking trail is not groomed. It does give you access to the most remote part of LHF.
Holmquist Hollow0.6Blue75 feet down, 33 feet upDifficultYesOff northern end of Moose Odyssey TrailThis double diamond trail is a challenge for skiers. For hikers, it gives you access to a quiet corner of LHF. Many unmarked mountain bike trails connect to the lower portion
Lynx Trail0.6Blue169 feet up, 58 feet downBack Country Skiing onlyNoAcross from Parking Lot and Harold Libbey TrailsGateway trail to quickly access back country and ski trails. Closest to parking lot. This trail will also connect to Thayer Brook Preserve via the Upper Trail in July 2022.
Moose Odyssey3.1White344 feet up and 346 feet downIntermediateYesBehind Middle School, walk around driveways that go behind school.Excellent intermediate hike or ski trail, accesses all trails in LHF.
Outback Trail1Yellow112 feet up and downBack Country Skiing onlyNo, back country conditionsBegins across from the pool on Harold Libbey Tr.The most remote trail requires brook crossing (new bridge coming in 2022) but has extensive wildlife including beavers and nesting water birds. This trail will also connect to the Ridge Runner Trail for Thayer Brook Preserve in July 2022.
Turkey Trot0.6Bright Red29 feet up, 57 feet downEasyYesBehind Soccer Field at Middle School, Trail Head behind groomer shed and upper middle school field.An ideal walking trail around the perimeter of the middle school and pond.

Holmquist Hollow trail remains closed from storm damage however, all other trails are open.