Trails are open 24/7 but please always respect neighbors whose houses are near the trail boundary.

Leashed pets are allowed at Libby Hill.  In winter pets are not allowed on groomed ski trails.  See our full pet policy.

Once trails are groomed for skiing in winter, only skiers may use the wide trails. Hikers, snowshoers, and walkers may use the Harold Libbey, Outback, and Lynx trails in winter.  The snowmobile trails and unmarked mountain bike trails may also be used without skis.

Regional school ski events require extensive grooming for the event.  We close the trails until 5pm on those days.  See postings on Facebook or our News section for the event dates.

Set your car GPS to ’50 Libby Hill Road, Gray, Maine’.

All Trails are free to use, however annual costs for maintenance and grooming exceed $5,000 so donations at the parking area or online help keep these trails pristine.

A cooperative agreement between the Town of Gray, SAD 15, and the Gray Community Endowment is now coordinating trail maintenance and volunteer stewardship of the trails.

The trails span three landowners’ properties, including the Town of Gray, SAD 15, and Gray Community Endowment.

Please see our winter rules for when you can use the wide ski trails.

Friends of Libby Hill is the informal name for volunteers who have worked on the trails since its inception in 1999. It is overseen by the Gray Community Endowment. If you want to volunteer or learn more, you may also visit our volunteer page.

The Gray Community Endowment (GCE) is a 501C organization dedicated to promoting the future of Gray. This organization owns over 50% of the land used by Libby Hill Trails.

Trail users should make no structures or markings on any property at Libby Hill. Demonstration projects for shelters should be dismantled the same day they are created. Leaving these structures is the equivalent of natural graffiti and can present a fire danger in some seasons.

Parking is not allowed on the dirt portion of Old Libby Hill Road. Please use the designated parking area across from the Middle School or if that lot is full at the lot by the baseball field near the facilities garage.

The cell tower at the top of Libby Hill provides exceptionally good cell service for navigation on all areas of the trails.

No, please DO NOT FEED Wildlife at any time. This ultimately can harm wildlife and lead to dangerous interactions.

No camping is allowed.

No fires of any kind are allowed.

Events must be coordinated with SAD15, Town of Gray, and GCE. Please contact the Gray Recreation Department  or Carl Holmquist.

Access to the pond is difficult and we don’t encourage canoeing.

Please stay off properties near any adjacent houses on Trailhead Drive or Homestead Acres. For properties beyond Libby Hill boundaries please adhere to local property owners’ instructions. Currently one property off Old LIbby Hill Road is clearly posted as no trespassing. Remember land usage is a privilege not a right.

Libby Hill has over 200 years of history since it was cleared. For history buffs, we’ve included a History of Libby Hill section.

Yes. Horses are allowed from June 1 to Nov 1 on these trails: Moose Odyssey, Deer Run, Old Libby Hill Road, and Snowmobile trails. Please clean up after your horse.

No rentals are available at the Libby Hill Trails. The Gray Recreation Department does rent snowshoes by the day and weekend. Several local businesses do rent snowshoes and skis including L.L. Bean in Freeport, and Eastern Mountain Sports in Portland. Note, Pineland does not allow rentals to leave their property.

No. Alcohol is not allowed on any of the trails or surrounding property.

No, dogs are not allowed on ski trails when groomed.

No, hunting on Libby Hill is not allowed because it is within the Gray Game Sanctuary as defined in Maine State Statute §12706. Wildlife Sanctuaries and mapped by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

We still recommend that hunter orange is worn during hunting season.

The race is run on the solstice each year in June. See our Longest Day 5K page for more info.

No, drones are not allowed for recreational use. Libby Hill has small areas of open space, and those areas are heavily used by birds and wildlife. There may be special situations or events that warrant a drone and permission must be requested.

In its first twenty years of use, no major safety issues have occurred on the trails. There have been instances of lost hikers, however, proximity to Gray Rescue and good cell service allows for quick response if an issue should occur. There was one instance of a car break-in at the parking lot, but this was an isolated incident. Please remember to hide your valuables and lock your car when parking.

Gray has low populations of brown tail moths as of 2022, however they are considered widely dispersed in town. Single caterpillars have been observed in the parking lot and near the Outback, but no major tree damage has been seen. To identify, look for a hairy caterpillar with two orange dots. This brochure from the state will be helpful in identifying them. If you find large numbers of these caterpillars or their nests, please report it to us.

In 2022, the Royal River Conservation Trust (RRCT) purchased 147 acres that abut the properties of Libby Hill Trails and will become Thayer Brook Preserve. This preserve is separate from Libby Hill Trails but will connect trails to Libby Hill to allow the public to access both properties. The Preserve will be the quiet and wilder side of Libby Hill. Hiking, biking, ATV, and snowmobile trails will exist on the property.

Holmquist Hollow trail remains closed from storm damage however, all other trails are open.