Apr 30th – Some Trails Open, Many Closed

Libby Hill Trails is Partially open to walkers and hikers. Dedicated mountain bike trails remain closed until work to clean them up is complete. Here is the status as of April 30th. The map below has closed trails blurred out. Work will continue on the ski trails which require lots of chipping and the dedicated Mountain Bike trails. Please do not go on any trails where workers are clearing trees or chipping brush.

Open Trails

LynxParitially open up to the the connection to the first leg of Harold Libbey and the connector the the Upper trail.

Harold Libbey Partially Open – Northern Leg open to Outback. Southern let has a large widow maker over the trails and hikers are advised to stay off that section.

Outback Is fully open.

Dedicated Mountain Bike Trails- opened May 5th!

Deer Run – Fully Open but accessible from north leg of Moose Odyssey only.

Moose Odessey Partially Open -Both sections up to the top of the hill are open. However on top of the hill only the north section connecting to the Deer Run is open.

Closed Trails

Holmquist Hollow Closed

Ghost Trail – Closed

Turkey Trot – Closed

Dedicated Mountain Bike Trail are now open. Partial open trails are Lynx, Harold Libbey, and Moose Odyssey. Closed trails are Turkey Trot, Holmquist Hollow, Ghost. Fully Open are Outback and Deer Run, and Mountain Bike Trails.