Friends of Libby Hill

Friends of Libby Hill (FLH) is a group of volunteers who seek to help with a wide variety of projects on Libby Hill Forest Trails.  This group which assists the Gray Community Endowment improve it’s Libby Hill Trail system has existed informally for years and sprung from the original Libby Hill Trails committee started in 1999. Since 2010 a six member board now governs the  organization to better communicate and coordinate volunteer efforts.  Whether you can contribute an hour or 100’s of hours, we want you to become a ‘friend’ of Libby Hill Trails. Email  and learn how  to get involved with the trails.

So if you are looking to find a fun, local, civic organization with a minimum  of indoor committee time, Friends of Libby Hill Trails is for you!

Here is a sampling of the types of volunteer opportunities that are available:

Trail Swat Team½ day trail repair and construction work bees, occurs few days a year, volunteers contacted a week or so in advance
Event CoordinationHelp find or coordinate one our many events on Libby Hill. Requires a few hours of work depending on the nature of the event. This is our most critical role for volunteers.
Grant ApplicationWe can always use help applying for grants.
Historical ResearchContinue research on early 1800s farming in Gray and do research with Historical Society on Libby Hill, posting research on web site and maybe a sign at the old homestead. Increase information on website.
  • Find some new trail bloggers to add creative content
  • Add an entry to Wikipedia about Libby Hill
  • Add content to web page
Tree and Plant IdentificationCreate an enhanced plant identification map beyond or tree ID signs with links to info areas on the web
  • Add some photos to Google Earth for Libby Hill
  • Add photos to our web albums
  • Create movies of Libby Hill for YouTube
Event helpWe need folks to work the day of and to help plan the 10 K Race. Volunteers are needed to manage the Event Booth

Holmquist Hollow trail remains closed from storm damage however, all other trails are open.