May is Warbler Season!

Libby Hill is truly fortunate to be a popular spot to find warblers in May. Already Palm and Yellow Rumped Warblers have been frequenting the pond by the Middle School. In the next few weeks out on the trails on the hill you may find Black Throated Green and Blue warblers especially in the area around the cell tower. Prairie warblers are often just off the Turkey Trot near the gravel pit. Ovenbirds (another warbler) will soon be making their haunting calls in the underbrush deeper in the woods. Also just arrived are the ospreys who nest on top of the cell tower. You can view them from the ballfield or where the Moose Odyssey Trail approaches the tower.

If you are new to birding or a seasoned hobbiest, May is the best month to get out and explore the trails. Find more tips on bird locations in our Birding Libby Hill guide.

Holmquist Hollow trail remains closed from storm damage however, all other trails are open.