Osprey Back on Her Throne

For over a dozen years, an osprey couple have nested on the cell tower at Libby Hill. Right on schedule they moved back earlier this month. You can view the nest from the ballfields if you have binoculars or if you hike up the Moose Odessey Trail you have a couple of closer views near the cell tower. Ospreys live 15 to 20 years and spend their winters between the southeast United States and Central America. Also known as ‘fish hawks’, our ospreys need to travel to nearby bodies of water to find fish. If you are lucky, you may see them carrying one home to the nest this summer.

There are over 130 species of birds that visit Libby Hill during the year. It is an excellent place to bird watch, whether you are a beginner or hard-core birder. Our bird watching guide will give you tips on the best places to find different species of birds. If you are new to the trails or bird watching and would like a local guide, contact us.

Holmquist Hollow trail remains closed from storm damage however, all other trails are open.