Unmarked Mountain Bike Trails

Mountain bikes are becoming extremely popular, and trails continue to grow in southern Maine. Several intersecting and connecting trails have been recently built on the Libby Hill Trail system. Because many of these trails are so close to existing trails, we are unable to add them to our current digital and printed maps. They do not have trail blazes but may have some ribbons. At some marked trail intersections, we will put a small sign saying, ‘MB Unmarked Trail’. While other trail users may use these trails, please be aware that they may take you off our property or may be more difficult to navigate since they are unmarked.

One section on the Outback trail called ‘Hidden Gem’ has a trail head sign and a map of that trail. Please pay special attention as you navigate these new trails, all Libby Hill Trails are color blazed every 50-100 feet that match the colors shown on our map.

Libby Hill Trails continues to be closed. Lots of trail work has made progress but wet conditions and chipping needs may delay opening until after April 30th.