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  • Ramsdell Parking Lot Progress

    Ramsdell Parking Lot Progress

    The new parking area on Ramsdell Road for Thayer Brook Preserve is progressing. The fourteen-car lot is nearing completion but please avoid parking during the week when construction equipment is present. Construction is now happening on the Mill Trail which connects to Libby Hill via the Ridge Runner Trail. The bridge replacement is complete however…

  • Osprey Back on Her Throne

    Osprey Back on Her Throne

    For over a dozen years, an osprey couple have nested on the cell tower at Libby Hill. Right on schedule they moved back earlier this month. You can view the nest from the ballfields if you have binoculars or if you hike up the Moose Odessey Trail you have a couple of closer views near…

  • Bridge Removed on Mill Trail at Thayer Brook Preserve

    Bridge Removed on Mill Trail at Thayer Brook Preserve

    A reminder that if you are accessing Libby Hill via Ramsdell Road the Mill Trail is now closed. Wednesday night the ATV club dismantled the old bridge decking and yesterday the snowmobile club removed the poles. They will be repurposing those poles for another bridge project. Thanks to both clubs for the fast and clean…

Large tree down on Moose Odessey. Trail between Deer Run intersections is closed until it is removed.