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  • Our version of Punxsutawney Phil

    Our version of Punxsutawney Phil

    On Groundhog Day we didn’t have a groundhog, but our local beaver came out to watch the school ski races. Apparently, this omen brings sub-zero wind chills through Saturday. Bundle up and stay warm this weekend!

  • Current Trail Conditions

    Current Trail Conditions

    March 19 – A hard packed ski base is slowly dissolving away as spring sun continues to melt the snow. By the end of this week bare ground will be showing in multiple locations. We are removing winter trail rules and all trails are now open to allowed activities. Please be cautious of muddy conditions…

  • Help Us by Taking 5 for Christmas!

    Help Us by Taking 5 for Christmas!

    Dec 24 -The massive windstorm has broken many branches all over Gray. We expect that the trails will be littered with lots of debris. If you get out on the trail during the holiday week you can really help us out. You can really help the trail system by just picking up five branches each…

Winter rules no longer in effect. Trails open for all allowed uses. Please be careful not to leave ruts!