Outback Gets Bridge Over Thayer Brook!

July 8, 2022- After 15 years with only stone steps to cross, the Outback trail today has a great new bridge to cross Thayer Brook! This will help make the crossing so much easier. Special thanks to Mo Russo and the town maintenance crew who delivered the heavy lumber to the top of Libby Hill. Carl Holmquist then got some volunteers to lug the lumber (some 8×2 timbers were twenty feet long) one half mile down to Thayer brook on Wednesday night. Early this morning Carl and some helpers went out at the crack of dawn to assemble the bridge! The final yellow blazing of a short trail reroute will occur over the next few days; in the meantime, you can’t miss the new bridge from either direction. All in time for the trail opening between the Outback and the new Ridge Runner trail on the Thayer Brook Preserve. Thanks everyone for this heroic effort and timely completion!

Holmquist Hollow trail remains closed from storm damage however, all other trails are open.