See Us at the Blueberry Festival And Get Orientated

Libby Hill Trail Volunteers will be joining Royal River Conservation Trust (RRCT) at the Gray Blueberry Festival on August 13th from 9 to 3pm. Here is some stuff you can get from the booth:

  • See the Brand-New Libby Hill Trail Maps with Connections to Thayer Brook Preserve
  • Learn about our free Avenza digital maps that you can use on your cell phone to always have a map AND your location when you are out on the trails!
  • Free legacy laminated maps of Libby Hill Trails
  • How to combine hikes across both Libby Hill and Thayer Brook
  • Sign up for orientation hike of the trails
  • Volunteer opportunities for fall cleanup of trails
  • Learn about other RRCT preserves nearby
  • Find out about our stewardship program

Dedicated Mountain Bike Trail are now open. Partial open trails are Lynx, Harold Libbey, and Moose Odyssey. Closed trails are Turkey Trot, Holmquist Hollow, Ghost. Fully Open are Outback and Deer Run, and Mountain Bike Trails.